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SteemSmarter is an analytics service that tracks and reports trending activity and financial opportunity on the Steem social media blockchain. 


What is Steem?

Steem is a blockchain-based social media platform that allows publishers to directly monetize content and grow community.

Every post, every comment, and every like translates to a fraction of a digital currency called Steem. Read more


The Problem

Social media is evolving from centralized, corporate controlled to decentralized blockchain platforms. How do these new platforms work? How do I gain followers and make money?

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With legacy centralized and corporate controlled social media platforms (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc), most content creators rarely see any financial reward from the value they generate online. The Steem blockchain was built to remove the “middleman” and offer a clear pathway to monetize your content through tokenized, blockchain payouts.

When using platforms like Steem, users have the expectation of financial rewards, but most struggle to understand which topics to write about and how to actually earn rewards that reflect the value they create.

Our Solution

Successful content creators and influencers rely on detailed metrics and insights. SteemSmarter is your analytics tool on the Steem blockchain.

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SteemSmarter was built to help content creators identify in-demand topics (aka tags) so they can prioritize their life experiences and interests to write content that both the community wants and will be financially rewarded.

We do this by analyzing the Steem blockchain and evaluating the activity in terms of community engagement (upvotes, comments, resteems, etc) and financial rewards (payout per post, per comment, per upvote). These insights are then translated into visual reports and interactive tools to support your content creation process.


Excellent project. I know my way around some of the tags I frequently post like #philosophy #economy #cryptocurrency etc. But this would seriously help when posting under some new tag or when using additional tags. Really useful stuff.

Source: @vimukthi




SteemSmarter is powered by a robust stack built using Ruby on Rails, using the Steem API.

We capture, analyze and evaluate Steem data to generate key insights for content creators. In alignment with our principle of transparency, we want to explain how our data mining and reporting engine works so that you can trust the information presented in our products. 




Steem data points

Our engine analyzes over 1,000,000 content-based transactions on the Steem blockchain every 24hrs.


Top trending tags

Our algorithms analyze and rank the top 1,000 trending tags for engagement and financial opportunity every 24hrs. 


User accounts 

Our engine analyzes data over 80,000 active user accounts on the Steem blockchain every 24hrs.



Our social media analytics tools capture, evaluate and visualize public data from the Steem blockchain to empower you as content creator.


Example graphic from Daily Tag Analytics Report

Example graphic from Daily Tag Analytics Report

Daily Tag Analytics Report

The SteemSmarter Daily Report captures Steem blockchain content information with a global scope. It analyzes and evaluates the engagement levels and rewards earned for the top 1000 trending tags and ranks them to show you what content topics are currently attracting likes/comments/shares as well as which have the highest rewards opportunity.


Example graphic from Weekly Community Report

Weekly Community Report

Each week, we analyze the previous 7 days of blockchain data for select communities (tags) and offer trend insights. These insights compare posts per day, total and average rewards earned for each post, how your community ranks globally on the Steem platform and gives recognition to noteworthy members in your community.


Example graphic from Tag Reccomendation Tool

Example graphic from Tag Reccomendation Tool

Tag Recommendation Tool

A tool for exploring Steem hashtags similar to for Instagram. To optimise your content, should you use the tag “animal” or “dog”? What about “cryptocurrency” or “blockchain”? By using this tool, you can identify tags that are relevant to your content and high performing but not oversaturated or spammy.


Example graphic from Individual User Analysis

Example graphic from Individual User Analysis

Individual User Analysis

Do you ever wonder who are the most engaged and valued members of your audience? Of the community at large? This tool analyzes your previous posts to offer insights to identify your “most valuable upvoter” and “most loyal commenter”. It also provides analysis of your most successful posts based on tags used, length of blog post, # of images, time of day, etc.



We are a team of young entrepreneurs, digital natives, students of blockchain technology, computer science, design thinking, economics and lovers of liberty.

We believe that content creators deserve to be rewarded for their creative contributions and that blockchain-based social media platforms, like Steem, will help bring this vision into reality.

As community members and builders, the SteemSmarter team stands by the principles of transparency, simplicity and actionability


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The SteemSmarter team plans to play a key role at the leading edge of blockchain-based social media 3.0


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